About Me

FREIWASSER Marketing is the name of a venture and the person behind this venture is myself, Silvia Rak. I graduated with a diploma in business administration in Germany and a managing marketing certificate at Henley Management College, UK. I’m an international marketer, the main author of the ‘no goldfish’ marketing blog (written in German) and the co-founder of freelancers & friends, a freelance community and think tank on digital transformation. As a diversity advocate, I am interested in knowing how brands deal with diversity.

After more than twelve years spent in international marketing departments, I left behind the corporate world in December 2012. I have been working as a marketing freelancer in my adopted hometown Frankfurt since. I can support your business with developing marketing strategies for the digital age and carrying out communications tactics. I offer responsible and inclusive marketing solutions: strategies that can be realised easily and marketing tactics that strategically make sense.

I speak three languages fluently: German, Polish and English. I feel comfortable within an international environment.

I enjoy working with large companies, agencies and start-ups.

Silvia Rak, FREIWASSER Marketing


Freiwasser literally means open water, but it is rather to be seen as a metaphor: Someone who is moving around in open water will struggle with the current, even may be confronted with sea monsters or an iceberg, now and then. Only the ones who are flexible and inventive will reach their destination. Freiwasser is a state of mind and a goal at the same time.

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