Marketer's Toolkit

Ten everyday tools for the practical marketer


  • Asana
    An easy to use project management tool that offers good value for money. Suited for marketers who would like to ban e-mails from their working lives.
  • Canva
    Need to present to the board? Or prepare a convincing image for social media? Well, believe it or not – PowerPoint and Photoshop are replaceable, at least to people outside the “creative tribe”. So, go ahead – leave a good impression.
  • Google Docs
    Do you need to share and work on documents with colleagues from around the world? If your internal IT-structure doesn’t provide any other possibility and you are not afraid of Google, you will appreciate Google Docs.
  • Wooden ruler and a Faber-Castell Broadpen (in any colour)
    Do you write copy once in a while, but cannot afford to hire a proofreader? Simply print your text and read it line by line, covering the rest of the text with a wooden ruler. The Broadpen is a great proofreading pen that brings colour to your working life.
  • inVision
    A very comfortable way to discuss designs with your team – online.
  • MailChimp
    There are lots of e-mail marketing solutions out there. MailChimp has a simple design, is easy to use and it will fit into almost everybody’s budget.
  • Slack
    Messaging apps are nothing new. I remember using them in the last century. But Slack manages to focus on the simplicity of being. It allows dialogue with one individual and discussions on a certain topic with anybody you want. The good (or bad – depending on how you look at it): You can search the conversations even months after they happened.
  • The Comma Queen
    If, like me, you are not a native speaker, you’ll be happy to learn more about English grammar, especially the comma. Since this is a New Yorker series, it’s fun to watch too.
  • Trello
    A project management tool for all marketers who love pin boards.
  • TweetDeck
    If you use Twitter, especially if you do it within a team, you will definitely want to try TweetDeck.

I learnt about the wooden ruler from a friendly Fortune 500 company marketer. How about you: will you let me (and everyone else out there) know what tools you are using?


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