Marketing Strategy

The idea of someone cruising around aimlessly is a great theme for road movies. For a company trying to survive, this method of moving forward may not be the best option. If long-term success is your goal, it is rather wise to ask yourself: Where do I want to go?

In order to safely reach your destination you’ll need a map, favourable winds, a skilled captain, the right tools, a good-humoured crew and occasionally someone who’ll help exploring unknown territory.

Depending on the size of your team and how complex the task is, I’d like to offer taking over project management, being part of your team or delivering a specific solution in order to meet these challenges:


Marketing Audit

A review and evaluation of marketing goals and activities. Are we well on course? And if not, how do we manage to get back?


Marketing Strategy

Sets the general direction: How do I best achieve my marketing goals?


Marketing Plan

Provides guidance along the way and includes the following topics: current market situation, marketing tools, key figures, contingency planning.


Note: If your purchasing department works with preferred suppliers only, feel free to buy my services via Hays.


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